3:25 PM - 4:15 PM


🏛️ Funding Opportunities for Local Government Transportation Projects

Grand Hall 4 & 5

Local governments have a plethora of options to utilize for transportation projects. This session will focus on major funding opportunities, such as TSPLOST and LMIG, and best practices to ensure the best use of every dollar.


  • Dante Handel, Government Affairs Associate, ACCG
  • Ryan Bowersox, Assistant General Counsel, GMA

🏛️ = Local Government Track


Unlocking Opportunities: Leveraging Transportation Data in Georgia

Athena A

Join us to discover the data sets, applications, and the fascinating world of ‘Big Data’ that powers our efforts to tackle safety and operational challenges on Georgia’s roadways. Delve into the art of leveraging diverse data sources for solving complex transportation problems. Attend this session to unlock the answers to these pressing questions and stay ahead in the data-driven transportation landscape.

Presenter: Sam Harris, Assistant State Traffic Engineer, GDOT


GDOT Roundtable: Project Management Best Practices and Strategy Updates

Athena E

This session will provide an overview of recent updates to the process and roles and responsibilities for submitting Erosion Control Plans to GDOT for Environmental Protection Division (EPD) approval and the new Chapter 11 update in the GDOT Regulations for Driveway & Encroachment Control Manual related to Encroachment Permits for Large On-System Projects. There will also be a discussion on best practices and strategies related to contracting for design bid build projects delivered through the Office of Program Delivery.


  • Moderator: Charles Robinson, Assistant State Program Delivery Administrator, GDOT
  • Albert V. Shelby, III, Director of Program Delivery, GDOT
  • Kimberly W. Nesbitt, State Program Delivery Administrator, GDOT
  • Robert Elam, Assistant State Roadway Design Engineer, GDOT
  • Robert Johnson, Assistant District Program Manager, GDOT


GDOT Design-Bid-Build Construction Cost Increases

Athena F

This session will present GDOT Design-Bid-Build letting cost increases over time, beginning during the second half of 2020 for awarded low bid contracts. Specific project types including roundabouts, bridge replacements, maintenance resurfacing, and widening projects will be included. Construction cost estimate changes at PDP milestones from concept through letting for non-LIBP bridge replacement and roundabout projects awarded in 2023 will be presented. Weighted average low bid pay item increases will be highlighted for several frequent use items of work. Overall Letting results since 2020 and challenges during letting advertisements may also be presented.

Presenter: Erik Rohde, State Project Review Engineer, Office of Engineering Services, GDOT

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